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Competition Rules

1. The Principal Competition may be attempted on any day between the hours of 04:30 and 21:30 between the 15th April and 11th August at the discretion of the Competitor. (In the southern hemisphere the dates are the 1st February and 30th April).
1a. See clause 7 for conditions governing Half Competition entries.

2. Competitors may enter any Flying Machine suitable for the Competition and must declare its full specification as required by the Entry Form. The maximum permitted flight crew is two and it will be assumed that the work load involved in the Competition is shared equally between them. Passengers may be permitted over and above this number, but must be declared, together with any flying qualification they may possess.

3. Competitors are responsible for stating that all details of their planned entry, including those relating to aircraft, crew and flight planning arrangements, comply with all relevant legislation and regulations for the countries concerned. Failure to comply with the various regulations in force for flight in the Competition may result in exclusion.

4. Entries for the Dawn to Dusk Competition must be submitted on the official forms provided and accompanied by the entry fee of 25.00 for a solo entry and 30.00 for a joint entry.

Entries must be sent to:
The Co-ordinator
2 Park Avenue
Herts AL5 2EA
Tel: +44 (0)1582 765072
Fax: +44 (0)1582 766724

To arrive not later than 30th June

Late entries may be accepted at the sole discretion of the Co-ordinator.

5. Competitors may start and finish from any place in the world, provided that an observer is present.
Competitors should advise the Co-ordinator of the proposed date of flight. This can be altered at any time.

6. All Competitors entering the Full Competition must complete a minimum of EIGHT hours airborne. Solo entries, where the entrant has less than 100 hours P1, are only required to complete a minimum of SEVEN hours airborne. The remainder of the available time (04:30-21:30) must be used in connection with the theme of the entry.

7. All Competitors entering the Half Competition must complete a certified 4 hours airborne and not exceed 4:30 hrs with the entry being completed either before 12:00 hrs or started after 13:00 hrs. The theme should be very simple. Competitors must comply with all Rules except 6 above. Reports should be brief but must include accurate recording of all technical information concerning the flight. Scoring will be similar to the full competition but entries under this Role will not qualify for the Principal Awards.

8. Competitors will declare, in advance, their objectives, which must be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Co-ordinator. Neither tracks nor reciprocal tracks within 15 of each other may be flown.

9. All receipts for fuel and landing fees and any Customs dockets must accompany the flight log, together with all maps and charts and weather reports used. Rough notes made during the flight must be enclosed. Photographs or other acceptable evidence of the achievement of turning points must also be submitted. Total time taken with all ETA's and ATA's/ETD's and ATD's for each sector must be included. All times calculated from take-off to touchdown.

10. Entrants are required to complete and submit, after the flight, a detailed flight log on the forms provided, accompanied by a submitted log and detailed report in English should be typewritten wherever possible or, if handwritten, clear and legible to the Judges.

It must be sent to:
The Co-ordinator
2 Park Avenue
Herts AL5 2EA

No later than 21 days after the day on which the flight was completed.

11. Competitors are required to assemble the report with full details of each sector in a logical order and present it in a folder. The folder must contain the following:

a) Mandatory use of all official competition forms
b) Starting, finishing and turning points with straight line tracks in nautical miles between points including time schedule.
c) Ground speed achieved between turning points.
d) Amount of fuel uplifted at each point.
e) Total average speed.
f) Total flight time involved.
g) Weather conditions and reports.
h) Relevant narrative.
i) Maps, charts and photographs conveniently mounted for ease of reference by the Judges.
j) Declaration.

The flight log and all enclosures may be taken away by the Competitors after the Awards Ceremony or will be returned as soon as possible after that date.




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