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The points basis on which the Competition is scored is set out below. The winner will be the Competitor scoring the highest number of total points under this system in accordance with the regulations.

Subjects Possible Score
1 Planning
a. Originality 20
b. Research 20
c. Flight Planning 20
2 Flying
a. Airmanship 30
b. Difficulty 30
c. Distance and planned/achieved ratio 10
d. Airborne time and planned/achieved ratio 10
e. Observation of rules 10
3 Log
a. Presentation and relevance 20
b. Completeness and accuracy 20
4 Handicapping
a. Pilot and crew experience 20
b. Flying 20
c. Equipment 10
d. Weather 10

Note: Failure to observe the regulations and complete the flight report in all particulars will result in loss of points. Serious omissions or inaccuracies may result in exclusion.




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